Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spa/Plumbing Terms

Commonly used spa & plumbing abbreviations.

 PVC Fittings commonly found in Spas

What does Fipt, Mipt, Spig, and Slip mean and how do I know which one to use?
All PVC Fittings have connections that are called either FIPT (Female Threaded), MIPT (Male Threaded), Slip (Female Glue Joint), or Spig (Male Glue Joint). See Details below. 
FIPT: This means the fitting is threaded on the inside (female) and will accept a threaded piece of pipe (male) of the same dimension. .
MIPT: This means the fitting is threaded on the outside (male) just like the end of a piece of pipe. This connection must go to another fitting that is a Fipt (female) threaded. You cannot connect a Mipt Fitting to a piece of pipe without another fitting, since they are identical in configuration. .
Slip: This is a smooth (not threaded) female fitting that will accept an un-threaded piece of pipe of the same size, which must be glued in.
Spig: This is a smooth (not threaded) male fitting that is made to go into another fitting that has a Slip connection of the same size, which must be glued in. A Spig fitting is the same as a piece of un-threaded pipe of the same size. You cannot connect a Spig Fitting to a piece of pipe without another fitting, since they are identical in configuration. 

Other abbreviations include:
AGA - American Gas Association
IPS-  Iron Pipe Size
Brs. - Brass
MGH - Male Garden Hose
CP - Chrome Plated
MHT - Male Hose Thread
CC - Copper x Copper
MIP - Male Iron Pipe
CWT - Copper Water Tube
MIP - Male Iron Pipe
Dia -. Diameter
Mips - Male Iron Pipe Size
DC - Die Cast
MPT - Male Pipe Thread
Mil. - 1/1000 Inch
FGH - Female Garden Hose
Nom. - Nominal
FHT - Female Hose Thread
NPT - Standard Pipe Thread
FIP - Female Iron Pipe
Oz. - Ounce
Fips - Female Iron Pipe Size
OD - Outside Diameter
FPT - Female Pipe Thread
PSI - Pounds per Square Inch
Gal. - Gallon
Pt - Point
GPM - Gallons Per Minute
PB - Polished Brass
Ga. - Gauge
SF - Satin Finish
Hdl -. Handle
SS - Stainless Steel
Hd. - Head
SWT - Sweat
Hgt. - Height
THD - Thread
ID - Inside Diameter


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