Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pentair Jet Diffusers

We are now able to offer Pentair jet diffusers!

There are three sizes:

Cyclone Micro Jet Diffuser - for 3" & 3.25" face diameters. Part # 55-110-4299, 956000


Cyclone Luxury Jet Diffuser - for jets with 3.5 & 4.1" face diameters. Part # 55-110-4199, 987100


Cyclone Jet Diffuser - for jets with 5" face (also Sundance Intelli-Jet LX, 1999-2002) Part # 55-110-1699, 47870000

We suggest you read this, if you wish to save money on replacing your jets!

The "Diffuser" is the rear white/stem/neck part on all Waterway (Cluster Storm/Mini Storm/Poly Storm/Power Storm) & Pentair (Cyclone, Cyclone Luxury & Mini - Series) jets.

In many instances all you would need to purchase is a diffuser if your jet nozzles keep falling out of their jet bodies, no need to replace the entire jet!
A precursor to the diffusers going bad is a white scummy residue on the water surface. As these parts degrade/disintegrate every 3-5 years depending on; how well you maintain your water & the quality of your areas water. They are typically a part you will need to purchase at least once in the lifetime of your spa!

If you have a Spa which uses Proprietary Waterway Jet faces such as Dynasty, Master Spas & others these diffusers are the same and will save you a lot of money! CalSpa use proprietary Pentair jet faces now you can just replace the diffusers!

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