Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spa Control Panel Unlock Codes

Most spa controls can be "locked" for protection.
If you accidentally locked your control

Gecko & Hydro-Quip
  • Press & Hold the JET Button for 6 seconds
  • Hold temperature UP & DOWN together for 6 seconds.
  • Four button sequence - Program, Up arrow, Pump 1, Light
  • 7 button controls, both buttons to the left of the display screen & down temperature.
  • One of the buttons might be stuck in the down position

If these do not help let us know your control make and model & we'll see what we can do to find out more for you.


  1. We have a maequis spas hotub (maximum therapy series on the control pannel it says "loc" and it us securwd. How do i fix that ? And get it unsecured

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  4. Have an la spa. Any idea of the u lock code?

  5. We have a Clearwater spa. But the control panel is beachcraft series. It's stuck in lock! How do I unlock it?

  6. Hi Danielle,
    On the right hand side of the control panel should be 4 direction/navigation buttons with a 5th button 'dot' or enter button in the center.
    Try this 3 button sequence of 'dot', 'dot', down arrow.

  7. Hi I have an NS6000 remote controller on my spa.
    The display has power to it and the buttons beep when I push them but I can't get anything to happen.
    The display screen just stays on time and temp.
    I am presuming it is locked but I don't have a manual, and try as I might to google it there seems to be very little about this system on the net.
    Can anyone help me.

  8. Hi! I have an L.A. Spa, but the screen is in Lock mode. How do I unlock the screen?

  9. I have an artesian Maui spa that's locked. Can you help me?