Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cartridge Filters

What is a cartridge filter?
Most pools and spas today utilize some variant of a cartridge filter. A filter cartridge is a filtration element made of a fine mesh, this mesh fabric is designed to strain out the impurities & particulates but not microscopic particulates.

How do I clean my filter cartridges?
We recommend replacing filter cartridges in spas at least once a year. Cleaning them is a good maintenance habit which will extent the life of your spa.

As spas are typically covered so dust, leaves etc... aren't as big of an issue as they are in pools. Due to the water temperature and smaller size body oils from bathers is the most common filter problem with spas. A safe degreasing solution should be used to remove oils, the best we have found is here on our site. Using a good degreaser in conjunction with a well designed hose cleaner will increase your filter cartridges life.
Do not use an acid bath to remove oils, doing so will embed oils into the fabric and make your elements less effective.
There are many options for replacement cartridges out there but not all are made equal. Which is why we sell Filbur filter cartridges and DE grids, they are the best available!

Courtesy of Filber, here is a video on how to clean a pool filter cartridge.


When do I change my pool filter cartridge?
When the pressure gauge on your filter tank reaches 8 - 10 p.s.i. above the pressure recorded when a new cartridge is installed, or when there is a noticeable decrease in the pressure coming from your return jets, it is time to clean your cartridge.  

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