Friday, January 6, 2012

Pump Troubleshooting / FAQ

My pump motor is warm to the touch, is it okay? 
Most pool and spa motors are warm or somewhat hot to the touch. This is normal in most cases. Most motors come thermal overload protection which will shut off the motor if it becomes too hot for safe operation.

What kind of lubricant should I use for my o-rings and gaskets?
NEVER USE PETROLEUM JELLY for a lubricant! It contains oils which will break down the rubber of the o-ring. Spa Parts Shop recommends a silicone or Teflon based lubricant for all gaskets & o-rings.
Other lubricants may cause premature failure and swelling of the o-rings. We offer an inexpensive option on our site Click here

Why won't my pump turn on? 

Pool and spa pumps are continually exposed to harsh conditions; outside temperature, humidity etc...
Water damage is one of the most common culprits for pump failure.
Check for leaks in the spa, ensure the pump is not located in a drainage area or area where a flood could occur. Check the shaft seals of the pump shaft/impeller.
Check the electrical connection (a volt meter is required to check voltage), breakers, switches, etc., if you do not know how to use one do not try this on your own seek trained electrical assistance.
If you have a timer or automated control system, ensure that it is properly working.  

Click for a complete list of pool and spa motors, pumps & replacement parts.

Spa Parts Shop recommends that you contact a certified electrician for any electrical repairs.

Why is my pump running hot and shutting off?

Before you inspect the pump turn of the power to avoid electrical shock!
On new installs or relocation's check for undersized wiring or poor electrical connections. Always Check your owner's manual for proper wiring.
Check if your pump has a thermal overload, this safety mechanism will turn the motor off when it gets too hot. The pump should restart once it cools down.
Remove the intake plumbing and visually inspect the impeller, observe for impeller failure. Spin the impeller to see if it turns with out impedance. 
Although not common place, local electrical issues such as heatwaves or other severe weather your local power grid might be experiencing a power drops. It would be best to completely shut down your spa until the grid returns to normalcy to confirm that the problem is really in the motor.

 Spa Parts Shop recommends that you contact a certified electrician for any electrical repairs.

Could I replace my motor with a lower horsepower motor? 
Motor horsepower is matched with the impeller inside the pump(Wet end).
If one was to put a larger HP(rated) impeller on a smaller horsepower motor the change will cause increased load on the motor and result in premature failure of the motor.
If there is no HP rating on the Motor look for an amperage rating, we can use motor amperage to determine the correct motor HP.
You can only downsize the impeller in horsepower rating.

Can I increase my motor's horsepower to increase pressure/water flow?
No. Pressure/water flow is more far more complicated than just motor strength. The size of the plumbing and all other equipment must be considered.

Contact a pool/spa professional or dealer with hydraulics experience for assistance.

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