Friday, January 11, 2013

Spa Component Repair

Circuit Board Repair Services

Spa Parts Shop can repair most spa manufactures components. All repairs are bench tested prior to being returned to you & come with a 90 Day Warranty on the repairs. Estimates are always given prior to work so you wont be stuck with a bill! Spa Parts Shop repair services are conducted by level-2 spa technicians with decades of experience.

Spa Parts Shop can supply you with an upfront price for repair services of your components by simply completing the Spa Repair Form.

Spa Component Repair

As is the case with most major electronics, we live in an era of throw-away and replace with new. The same has become common place with spa controls, we support the notion of repairing components prior to replacement. If your spas circuit board or control pack was to fail we hope you'd consider repairing it before replacing. Unlike most competitors Spa Parts Shop wants to help you save $ not make a quick buck! 

How to determine when the circuit board needs/can be repaired? If you are not familiar with electrical circuitry or voltmeter operation please have a technician diagnose & tell you what the faulty component(s) is/are. Typically control panel error codes and certain symptoms are indicative of the faulty part. Please let Spa Parts Shop Customer Service know what the problem your spa is experiencing and they can walk you through a diagnosis. Most repairs are done on failed contactors, fuses, relays, terminals, transformers, traces and other board components. On occasion logic chips aka eprom's can be replaced, but not in all cases. If you are experiencing heater issues the heater needs to be shipped with the board.

When can't a board be repaired? Catastrophic damage such as lightning strikes, excessive heat (multiple melted components), holes in the board, extreme burns etc... if it looks like burned toast it likely is.

If you are not sure please send a picture of the front and back of the board to Spa Parts Shop they can determine the severity of the damage & supply you with a price for repair services if possible. Simply completing the Spa Repair Form

It is always best to send the control panel with the circuit board, this helps the technicians determine if the problem is truly with the board. Sending in control panels is important with spas that utilize proprietary programming. Such as Jacuzzi-Sundance, HotSprings, Maxx and others.


  1. I'm getting a spa and need to take good care of it. Thanks for the information about how most repairs are done on fuses or relays. Another thing to note is that you should get all repairs done by a professional so that you can be sure your spa lasts for a long time.

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