Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spa Leaks!

Do you have a leaking spa?

A spa leak can be difficult to detect and repair. 

Typically leaks occur at fittings in the spa walls such as jets, lights or suction fittings. Over time gaskets & o-rings will degrade and leaks will occur. Other common places for leaks to occur is at heater & pump unions. If your spa is well insulated with spray foam, leak detection is very difficult sorry.

Dripping water around your spas electrical components is dangerous, it is important to repair leaks quickly and when you are doing so disconnect the spa from electrical supply!

Slow leaks (not evaporation) aren't a major problem to begin with but over time the will grow. We advise correctly repairing the leaking fitting but a quick fix for slow leaks in a hot tub is Fix-A-Leak.  This product:

  • Seals leaks in virtually any material 
  • For leaks in the walls, floor or shell  
  • Works well in the plumbing system 
  • Helps seal holes up to 1/8" in diameter 
  • Forms a long-lasting seal
  • Spas use 4oz for 250 gallons
  • Will not harm Salt Chlorine Generators, Heaters, Pumps or Filters
Another water treatment type leak sealer is manufactured by Leisuretime, more suited to PVC plumbing leaks - PVC line leak sealer 

More substantial leaks where one might notice that the water level is dropping to the same level each time. Usually the leak will be in one of the fittings right above that level. Once there is no water above the leak the problem will stop. In these cases replacing parts of the fitting are essential. 
Suctions, jets and other through wall fittings in spas all work on the same theory. A wall fitting is inserted through the spas shell. A nut or other threaded fitting clamps a gasket and itself to the wall fitting creating a seal. 

In most spas the leak is caused by a gasket that has degraded or a nut which has split and tension with the wall fitting is lost. 
Determine which brand fittings you have and contact us as we carry more major manufactures parts. 

Do not use standard silicon sealant, use DOW 732 or other PFTE based sealant or lubricant. Standard silicon has properties which damage most gaskets and seals in spas.

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