Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DIY Jetted Bath Tub Kit

DIY Whirlpool Bathtub Kit

Do you want to convert a bathtub into a whirlpool bath with up to 6 jets? If so we have a DIY kit that is easy to install!
Kit Includes:
1x Bath Pump: 3/4HP, 115V 60HZ W/ Air Switch & Power
1x Pump Union: 1.5” Union Tee 1”S X 1”S
1x Suction Assembly:  1-1/2” (2-1/2" Hole Size)
1x Venturi Air Control: 1"S White
1x Air Button: #15 Classic Touch White (1-3/8" Hole Size)
1x Air Tubing: 1/8”ID X 10’
6x Slimline Bath Jets  1" Air x 1" Water (1-3/4" Hole size)
1x Instruction book

You can also add an in line bath heater to help keep the water hot. Additionally you can also upgrade the jet faces and the air button to Stainless steel.

All you need to source other than the parts in the kit is flexible PVC hose & glue, 1.5" & 1" pipe.
1.5" PVC to connect the Suction Fitting to the pump.
1" PVC connecting the water lines to the jets. The jet bodies are designed so that the water runs in series from one jet to the next. & 1" PVC for the air lines. The air line will run from the venturi fitting to each jet in series.
A GFCI protected electrical outlet is required for the pump & heater if you choose to install one. If your bath tub enclosure does not have one, please call an electrician for installation.
Tools: Drill & Hole Saws (1-3/8", 1-3/4" & 2-1/2") with appropriate tooth count for your bath tubs material. PVC Saw. This kit can be installed by anyone who is knowledgeable with basic power tools and is physically able to preform the task.

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