Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Waterway Jet Diffusers

Are your jets falling out the wall of your tub?
Is there a chalky white residue floating on the water?

If your jet nozzles are still in good condition the diffusers may need replacing not the whole jet!
Waterway - Custer Storm Jets, Mini Storm Jets, Poly Storm Jets, Power Storm Jets all use diffusers.
These diffusers are part of the jet assembly, the white part or the stem on the rear of the jet.
The diffuser part number is usually visible on the part & some mistake that number for the part # of the whole jet.

There are four sizes of diffuser, one for each jet in the Waterway Storm series.
218-5140 for Cluster Storm, jets with 2" Face
218-6930 for Mini Storm, jets with 3" Face
218-4000 for Poly Storm, jets with 3-3/8" - 4" Face
218-6610 for Power Storm, jets with 5" Face


Most spa owners will change out jet diffusers at least once in their spa's life, others will change them every few years. Water quality and chemical content vary by city, some areas will be harsh on these plastic components.

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