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Whirlpool Bath Heaters

Bath Heaters

Do you find using your bathtub jets cools the bath water while in use?
Have you considered adding a heater to your whirlpool bath? 

Inline bath heaters are easy to install & many new whirlpool bathtubs come 'heater ready' with pre-plumbed heater blank fittings for bath heaters to be installed. 

One can find these on bathtubs from American Jetted Tubs, Hydro-Systems Jetted Tubs, Jacuzzi Whirlpool Baths, American Standard Jetted Tubs, Jason International Jetted Tubs, Quality Acrylic Jetted Tubs, Hydro Massage Jetted Tubs. 

Inline heaters come in two variants, Pressure or Vacuum side heaters. Pressure side heaters are installed after the pump or on the discharge side of the plumbing. Water is heated after going through the pump. Vacuum side heaters need to be installed before the pump. Water is heated before going through the pump. 
This important as a vacuum side heater will not work on the pressure side & pressure will not work on the Vacuum. 

Tee style heaters are only pressure side as they are attached directly the pumps discharge port. Top port is always discharge.


How it the water temperature controlled? 
Most bath heaters use an internal thermostat to maintain water temperature. The thermostat will only activate the heater element when water temperature drops below 102.5F. Bath heaters have either vacuum or pressure switches installed in each unit for safety as they will not allow the heater element to activate without sufficient water flow. If the heater was to ever over heat the built in hi limit switch

Why you should install a bath heater?
The mixing of air and water which occurs when your jet pump is used cools the bath water 60% to 80% faster vs. a traditional bathtub without spa type jets. A whirlpool bathtub utilizing a bath heater eliminates the rapid cooling of bath water. Saving water and energy. 


The chart above from Hydro-Quip Bath Heaters illustrates how a jetted bathtub without a bath heater can cool to an uncomfortable level in as little as two minutes after jet activation. By contrast, the same bathtub with a Hydro-Quip Certified Real Heat™ bathtub heater allows you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of hydro-massage for as long as you desire.

How does a bath heater save money?
Without a bath heater one must constantly add more hot water to the bath. This usually requires draining some cooler bath water to make room for the added hot water, causing your domestic hot water tank to work overtime. Water heater electricity consumption is typically 20-30% of ones monthly bill.
Over time, the savings in both energy and water consumption using a Certified Real Heat™ bath heater can be substantial, and far exceed the cost of the heater.

How much will it cost to operate a Heat Master bath heater?
Based on an electrical rate of .10 cents per kilowatt/hour and the bath water temperature starting at 104, electrical operating cost of the a Heat Master 1500 watt bath heater would be less then .05 cents for a 30 minute bathing period.

Will installation of a Heat Master bath heater affect my Jetted bathtub warranty?
Installing a Heat Master bath heater will not affect your jetted bath warranty.
Can a bath heater be added to your tub?
Yes. The bath heaters sold by Spa Parts Shop are compact inline heaters which are installed on either the suction or pressure side of your plumbing. Other configurations are available as well such as the Tee shaped model designed to attach directly to the circulation pump outlet port. Your bath will need to have a bath pump for the heater to operate. 

What size Plumbing is used?
Bath heaters will work on 1”, 1-1/2” and 2” PVC Sch 40 pipe.  If your bathtub has room above the circulation pump or a minimum of 7” of straight pipe, and access to a 120 Volt 15/20 AMP dedicated electrical circuit with GFCI (Ground-Fault-Circuit-Interrupter) protection, an inline bath heater can be added to your whirlpool bathtub.

Can I install the bath heater myself?
If you are physically able and have basic DIY skills & tools you'll be able to install an inline bath heater. The best way to determine this is to go to the Technical section and download the Installation Instructions. This will help you determine whether you should install the heater yourself or call in your plumbing professional. 

If you need more information or have questions about bath heaters, just let us know.

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