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Pump Shaft Seals

Shaft Seals

Q: Is you pump leaking water out the back of the housing?

A: If so it's likely that your pump seal is the cause. One can typically identify a shaft seal leak by visually inspecting where the motor shaft enters the pump housing. There will be evidence of mineral build up or water dripping when the pump is in operation. 

Your shaft seal is multi-piece seal which prevents water from leaking out of the pump but still allowing the motor shaft & impeller to spin freely. Shaft seals are parts which will wear out but can easily be replaced by most people who are fairly handy. 

Where are the shaft seals located?
Spa Shaft Seals: In spa pumps the seal can be reached by removing the pump from the spa and disassembling the wet end (plastic pump casing). 

TIP # to remove the impeller you will need a flat screw driver - on the back of the motor possibly under the cover you will find the rear of the motor shaft which will have a slot. You can use the screw driver in this slot to stop the shaft from spinning.

US Seal Mfg has a great video with instructions on how to do a seal swap. Click Here  The seal lubricant they refer to is the same as our Lube Tube PFTE

Pool Shaft Seals: The shaft seal can be more difficult to reach in pool pumps with large strainer basket assemblies.

Common Pool & Spa Shaft Seal Replacements

Manfacturer        Pump Model       Manf. Seal          Replacement Shaft Seal
Acura                Aquaheat                                                   PS-1000
Acura                Aquaheat Plus                                             PS-1000
Acura                Magnaflow                                                  PS-1000
Acura                Maverick                                                     PS-1000
American Prod    Americana          39500500                           PS-201
American Prod    Americana II       71734                                PS-1000
American Prod    Bronze               71734                                PS-1000
American Prod    Bronze, Noryl      39500500                           PS-201
American Prod    Eagle                 71734                                PS-1000
American Prod    Maxim               71734                                PS-1000
American Prod    Power Glas        71734                              PS-1000
American Prod    Ultra Flow           71734                                PS-1000
Aqua Flo            A series             92500050                           PS-1000
Aqua Flo            AC series            92500000                           PS-309
Aqua Flo            Dominator (pre 1995)  92500050                    PS-1000
Aqua Flo            Dominator (after 1995) 92500150                  PS-200
Aqua Flo            Flo-Master FMCP 91049000                           PS-2131
Aqua Flo            Flo-Master FMHP 91049000                           PS-2131
Aqua Flo            Flo-Master FMVP 91049000                           PS-2131
Aqua Flo            Flo-Master XP2 48FR 92500150                      PS-200
Aqua Flo            Flo-Master XP2 56FR 92500150                      PS-200
Hayward            Max-Flo SP1800X series SPX1600Z2               AS-1521
Hayward            Max-Flo SP2800X series SPX1600Z2               AS-1521
Hayward            Northstar SP4000 series SPX1600Z2               AS-1521
Hayward            Northstar SP4000X series SPX1600Z2             AS-1521
Hayward            SP 1500 Power Flo SP1500-KA                       PS-2131
Hayward            SP 1580 Power Flo LX SP1500-KA                  PS-2131
Hayward            SP 1700 Power Flo II SP1500-KA                   PS-2131
Hayward            SP1600X Super Pump SPX1600Z2                  AS-1521
Hayward            SP2600 Super Pump SPX1600Z2                    AS-1521
Hayward            SP2600X Super Pump SPX1600Z2                  AS-1521
Hayward            SP3000 Super II SPX1600Z2                          AS-1521
Hayward            SP3000X Super II SPX1600Z2                       AS-1521
Hydrabaths         Hyflo II                                                      PS-200
Hydrabaths         Hyflo SD                                                    PS-200
HydrODynamics Hydro Power                                               PS-1000
Jacuzzi Brothers LR series            10-0002-06                        PS-200
Jacuzzi Brothers Cygnet series      10-0002-06                        PS-200
Jacuzzi Brothers J, JCM, K, KM      10-0002-06                        PS-200
Jacuzzi Brothers L, LC, LCUN2, LT LX, 10-0002-06                   PS-200
PacFab              Challenger          354545                              PS-200
PacFab              Dynamo             354545                              PS-200
PacFab              Hydro                354001                              PS-201
Premier             Springwater 320/325                                    PS-201
Premier             Springwater Spa II                                      PS-1000
Purex                Quietflo/Aquatron 71733                               AS-501
Purex                Whisperflo          71734                                PS-1000
Sonfarrell           Spa Master                                                         PS-1000
Speck Pump       Model 90, 93, and others 2920343310
Sta-rite              ABG                                  37400-0026S              PS-201
Sta-rite              CF6                                   U109-136SS               PS-1000
Sta-rite              CFA                                   U109-136SS               PS-1000
Sta-Rite             Dura-Jet DJ, JS, JT series      37400-0027S              PS-201
Sta-rite              Dura-Jet JS series                37400-0027S              PS-201
Sta-Rite             Dura-Jet TPE/TPR                37400-0027S              PS-201
Sta-rite              Dyna-Glas/Dyna-Max           37400-0027S              PS-201
Sta-rite              Dyna-Jet                            37400-0027S              PS-201
Sta-rite              JW                                    34700-0026S              PS-201
Sta-rite              JWPA                                 37400-0026S              PS-201
Sta-rite              LT                                     U109-68SS
Sta-rite              Max-E-Glas/Dura-Glas          17304-0100S 1998 to present
Sta-rite              Max-E-Glas/Dura-Glas          U109-9355 Pre 1998
Sta-rite              Max-E-GlasII/Dura-GlasII      37400-0027S 1998 to present
Sta-rite              Max-E-GlasII/Dura-GlasII      U109-372SS Pre 1998
Vico Products      Superflo                             PPSFSEAL                   PS-2136
Vico Products      Ultima                               PPSFSEAL                   PS-2136
Vico Products      Ultraflo                              PPSFSEAL                   PS-2136


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